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Technet Systems Group is a division of Steve Vanni Associates, Inc. For over forty five years, Steve Vanni and Steve Vanni Associates have provided broadcast equipment packages, technical consulting, facility planning, project management, and equipment installation to broadcasters throughout North America and the Caribbean. Small stations, as well as broadcasters in America's top markets, have relied on our services. Equipment manufacturers and some of the industry's most prominent engineering firms have called on Steve Vanni Associates to provide field technical support. Technet Systems Group combines the talents, services, and products of many independent firms, under one umbrella. This integration provides a professionally managed, efficient, cost effective approach to completing your project. You deal with one contact, one phone number, and know that the efforts of all will be coordinated. No miscommunications, no omissions, no delays. We specialize in equipment packages and turn-keyed systems combining equipment with installation, project management, FCC applications, and tower services. We have access to over 100 lines of audio and RF equipment. Our affiliates include equipment venders, installers, tower firms, consultants, and FCC applications specialists; all prominent in their field and meticulous in their work. Each package, and the venders involved, is tailored to your needs and your budget. Our flexible approach to systems means we can integrate your staff or contract engineer(s) into the project. If you have an existing technical consultant, we will work with him as well. Our service is designed to enhance, not compete with, your existing technical operation. The technical expertise combined with the many lines of equipment available through Technet Systems Group presents a service and value unavailable from any other company, and it cost no more. In fact, because everyone working on your project is part of the same team, constantly in communications with one another and orchestrated through one central source, costly mistakes and delays are eliminated. You save. It's the logical way to complete any project, large or small, and it's only available through Technet Systems Group. Whether you need to buy a single piece of equipment, or construct a complete broadcast complex, Technet Systems Group is your solution to saving money and aggravation.

Broadcast Professionals Working Together to Meet All Your Technical Needs